We are conducting a new study on family resilience and well-being. Our research aims to uncover the different ways that parents and children respond to the inevitable challenges of life. We know that different strategies work for different people in different contexts. So, rather than identifying the way families should be resilient, our study aims to identify how different ways of feeling, thinking and behaving work for different parents, children and contexts. And, because families are so important, our study is looking at what parents do, what children do, and what parents and children do together that fosters resilience and well-being.

This research is being conducted as part of a collaboration between the REACH Relationship Lab, led by Associate Professor Nickola Overall, and the ELLA Early Learning Lab, led by Dr Annette Henderson. This project will involve over 250 families, and track parents and children’s health and well-being across time.



Family Resilience and Wellbeing

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