Parents play a critical role in infants’ acquisition of effective verbal and nonverbal communication. Despite our understanding of communicative development and social learning in face-to-face contexts, little is known about how screen media impacts these processes. As screen media continues to significantly rise in popularity, it is crucial to ask how screens impact the dynamic structure of parent-infant interactions, learning, and development. Thus, one aim of this ongoing project is to investigate the ways in which parents and infants aged 1.5 and 2 years communicate in several contexts involving the use of screen media (such as video chat and interactive touchscreen games) and in traditional face-to-face interactions with 3D toys. Another aim of this project is to deepen our understanding of early communication in order to inform and build a ‘model’ of early communication. Models allow researchers to test and validate psychological theories. To learn more about this aspect of the project, click here.

Early Communication in Cyber World

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