The Early Learning Lab, Auckland (ELLA) is a research group led by Associate Professor Annette Henderson at the University of Auckland. Our research focuses on understanding how babies, toddlers and young children understand the world around them and learn to work with others.
If you would like to be involved, complete our “register your interest form”, or visit our FAQs page to find out more about how our sessions are run, and what happens during a specific study.

For Parents

  Developmental psychology is one of the most time consuming, but rewarding forms of psychological research. As developmentalists, we need to interact with children at specific ages, depending on the current study being undertaken.

For Students

Want to join the ELLA team? The Early Learning Lab supports student research at all levels from undergraduate volunteers and summer internships to Honours and Research Higher Degrees (RHD).

ELLA in the media

In 2020, ELLA celebrated its 10th Anniversary! Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, we collected data for four projects. This involved a total of 209 families visiting our centre. Here are some media news of the projects that many of

Current Studies

“Learning about learning: Ella’s window into the developing mind.” The aim of our world-renowned research is to better understand infant and child development based on groups of children rather than on individuals. Our published work can also be helpful for clinicians, teachers, and parents who work with children, including children with disabilities to learn more about children’s early social and cognitive development. We aim to better understand the world of our society’s youngest members, and hope that in doing so we might be able to make their world a better place. Also read about the studies we are running right now on our Current Studies page


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