In 2020, ELLA celebrated its 10th Anniversary! Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, we collected data for four projects. This involved a total of 209 families visiting our centre. Here are some media news of the projects that many of you and your children were a part of…


Tips to make the best out of the COVID-19 lockdown with children

Opinion piece written by Annette Henderson.


Celebrating 125 years of NZ Women’s Suffrage, “The Secret Life of Girls”

Annette Henderson and a few other familiar faces feature in TVNZs show, The Secret Life of Girls. 11 September, 2018. Watch it here.


Gender and parenting – NZ Herald.

Interviewed for NZ Herald, “Are you gender-stereotyping your child without even realising it?” 28 July, 2018.


Parenting and its learning curves – RNZ

Interviewed for RNZ Nine-to-Noon, “First time parent. From theory to practice” 5 July, 2018.


Birth-order and parenting – NZ Herald.

ELLA Director, Dr. Henderson interviewed for NZ Herald, “What effect does birth order have on development and parenting?” 28 April, 2018.


“Do infants know what is fair?” – NZ Herald.

Dr. Henderson interviewed for NZ Herald, “Even infants know what a fair share is” 3 April, 2018.


Safe gun use and children – Newstalk ZB.

Interviewed for Newstalk ZB, “Should preschool-aged children be taught about safe gun use?” 27 March, 2018.


“All in the Mind – Prime”

See Dr Annette Henderson, other UoA staff, and ELLA participants in Prime’s documentary All in the Mind.  All In The Mind takes Kiwi brain development specialist Nathan Wallis on a journey to present compelling science about a very big life question: is a man’s grey matter the same as a woman’s? Watch it here.


“Mark Sager made a baby in his lab. Now it plays the piano” – Bloomberg Business  7 September, 2017.

Dr. Annette Henderson interviewed with ELLa Collaborator Mark Sager for Bloomberg Business Weekly on their research project “Baby X”.


ELLA research shows that babies as young as 12 months know people speak different languages and don’t use words in the same way.


“Women in a Man’s World” –  TV3’s ‘The Nation’

Dr. Annette Henderson speaks about the gender typing of toys in early childhood.


Babies cooperate from 9 months old – Radio NZ

Solving the worlds biggest issues could soon be made easier – ELLA study finds you can train someone to co-operate.