International Study Examining Infants’ Preferences for Prosocial Individuals

We hope to be starting data collection for the large scale, multisite, international replication study called Many Babies 4 (MB4) in 2021. We will be inviting parents and their 5- to 10-month-old infants to participate in this study, which examines infants’ preferences for prosocial individuals. Prior research has shown that babies as young as 5 months of age choose to interact with an individual who helped another individual over an individual who hindered another individual’s goal attainment. This original finding raises important questions about the origins of morality. To test the strength of this effect, researchers across the globe are working together to conduct a large study to replicate the original findings. ELLA is proud to be one of the original members of this massive effort, which we anticipate will begin data collection this year. We look forward to inviting families with 5- to 10-month-old babies to ELLA to take part in this groundbreaking study.  

For more information: Please visit ManyBabies 4 Official website

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