Hello friends of ELLA

We would like to thank you for your participation in our research so far! We recently presented some of it at the International Society for the Study of Behaviour and Development conference on the Gold Coast.

Dr Siobhan Kennedy-Costantini presented findings from ELLA’s “Deconstructing Early Communication Project” demonstrating that mothers provide different mental state language to their own infants compared to when playing with an unfamiliar infant.

We also presented several findings from ELLA’s longitudinal “Origins of Cooperative Action” study. PhD Candidate Nichole Breeland presented research demonstrating some preliminary evidence of links between temperament and variation in candidate genes. Dr. Annette Henderson presented findings from Inge Meinhardt’s MSc thesis which showed that temperament predicts the infants’ early cooperative abilities. PhD Candidate Caitlin McRae presented work from her Honours thesis demonstrating links between social cognition, prosociality and cooperative understanding.

Our soon-to-be finished PhD student Rachel Low presented some of her PhD research which spans two labs (REACH and ELLA) showing that children’s temperament and emotion regulation predicts their engagement in a cooperative task.

Finally, lab alumnus, Dr. Ying Wang presented her work from ELLA showing that parents talk about fairness in different ways during storybook reading to their children.

All of these presentations were super impressive! We are now going to be super busy turning the presentations into manuscripts for all to read!

ELLA at the International Society for the Study of Behaviour and Development conference in the Gold Coast.

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