Stage 4 Complete.

For the last 4 years the ELLA team has been conducting research to learn how cooperation develops in early childhood. This study has been a huge undertaking and last week we had our last Stage 4 family come in to the lab for their visit. This means that our Cooperation Study has clocked over 1000 visits to the lab from our wonderfully dedicated ELLA families.

Cooperation plays an important role in children’s social and cognitive development. While we know that children understand and engage in cooperative activities early in their lives, much less is known about the factors that shape the development of cooperation in early childhood. ELLA families are essential to this research and help us to find the answers to these questions. We are so grateful to all the families, students and researchers who makes this work possible.

We are still conducting Stage 5 visits in the lab and are in the midst of planning out Stage 6 and 7 visits. Keep an eye out for our updates as they happen!



*This work is funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand’s Marsden Fund and a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship awarded to Dr. Annette Henderson.

ELLA Cooperation Study reaches a milestone!

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