ELLA Team – 2018


Portrait Henderson_Science_Staff_013_highDr. Annette M. E. Henderson

Annette joined the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland as a Lecturer in August 2009. She is now proud to be the Director of this thriving research group! [Read More]


Lab Coordinator

 Dr. Angela Carr

Angela earned both her Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Auckland, School of Psychology before completing her PhD (in Criminology/Psychology) at Bond University in Australia. She has applied these skills across a range of roles in the public, not-for-profit, academic and private sectors in both New Zealand and Australia.
Angela helps with the day-to-day running of the Early Learning Lab and assists with recruitment and participant management.


Research Fellows

Dr. Henry Dixson

Henry’s research interests include prosocial behaviour, punitive sentiment and theory of mind. He specialises in studying these phenomena with children from different cultural backgrounds.




Dr. Siobhan Kennedy-Costantini

Siobhan’s research interests lie broadly in the field of developmental psychology with a particular focus on infancy and early childhood. She is especially interested in babies and infants early social development in the context of the parent-infant relationship.



PhD Students

Caitlin McRae

Caitlin’s research aims to investigate families responses to conflict and how children develop resilience and emotional well-being in these contexts.




Nichole Breeland

Nichole’s research focuses on how parents influence children’s social development.  Her PhD research examines parental personality factors and their effect on children’s prosociality.




Rachel Low

Rachel’s primary research interests involve emotion regulation within romantic relationships and early childhood. Her current project examines the effectiveness of different emotion regulation strategies, and how parents play a role in socializing children’s emotion regulation.




HediehHedieh Tavazo

 Hedieh’s research interests lie in parent-child interactions and how those from different cultural backgrounds engage with their children. In particular, she is studying the approaches New Zealand and Iranian parents use to teach their children during cooperative and non-cooperative tasks.



Kieron Mottley 

Keiron is investigating self-recognition and self-regulation in the New Caledonian crow and human infants.




Masters Students

Annesha Shonata

Annesha’s research looks at social games, turn-taking and the earliest development of cooperation. She is examining how parents and infants coordinate their behaviour to seamlessly interact in social contexts. She hopes that her Master’s research will help us further understand how children begin to act in coordinated, socially contingent ways.


Research Assistants

IMG_09222Chloe Moore

Chloe completed her Honours in Psychology in 2014  and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Counselling. She assists in the Early Learning Lab by helping to run our cooperation and second-language learning studies.



Kristina Wolsey

Kristina completed her Honours in Psychology in 2016 and is currently pursuing her Masters of Psychology  in Applied Behavioural Analysis. She assists in the Early Learning Lab by helping to run our cooperation and second-language learning studies.



Imogen Nock

Imogen assist in the Early Learning Lab by helping to run our cooperation studies.





 Honours Students

Beth Graham

Beth is completing her Honours degree this year, focusing her research on the ELLA cooperation studies.




Mariam Karhiy

Mariam is completing her Honours degree this year, also focusing her research on the ELLA cooperation studies.




Sam Morriss

Sam is completing her Honours degree this year, focusing her research on ELLA’s parent-infant interaction studies.



Third Year Research Students

Moya McCarthy

ELLA Volunteers                             

Ameisha Nand        Rodolfo Villanueva
Justin Wong           Sophie Baguley
Sasha Cuthbert      Caitlin Dodd
Christen Hinlo        Neil Lindsay
Jayde Kelly             Olivia Brook